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Thought it would be good to make a place for people to introduce themselves. To start, I'm Karen, and I'm a software developer. I've been programming a looong time now, so for me that's the easiest part of wearables. In my free time I love to craft. Pottery and knitting are my main crafts, but I also crochet, sew, cross stitch, and embroider. I've also dabbled in wood-burning, stenciling, paper crafts, and tie-dyeing.

I'm also into 3D printing. I've mostly printed other people's stuff, but I've been learning TinkerCAD and I'm working my way up to more complicated programs. Ideally I want to be able to model both geometric and sculptural kinds of things.

I've been trying to get into hobbyist-level electronics for awhile now, but that whole electricity thing intimidates me a bit; I'm always worried I'm going to burn something out. I'm pretty motivated to try and get that part figured out though so that I can unite my love of crafting and my love of programming. I'm interested in both wearable electronics and electronics in general.


  • Hi, I'm Marc, and I'm a Maker. At least I'd like to think I am, so I have been attending Maker Faires in the Bay Area about 6 times, enrolled in two Make online classes (right before the company went bankrupt...), own a Lulzbot 3D Printer, and in general just like to tinker with stuff.

    I've always been more comfortable with the computer side of Making things, so I was really hoping to learn more about Arduino and Wearable tech from those two courses. Even without an instructor, the videos were good enough to get me started and I'm eager to keep going!

  • Hey Marc, glad you made it over here. What a bummer that you were in the middle of 2 courses when it shut down. Were there any announcements or anything in the Arduino class? I'm still kind of shocked we were never contacted in any way, not even just a heads up. 😕

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