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I've compiled a list of resources such as suppliers, tutorials, and books on the main page of this site. I'm reproducing it below; if you have any additional resources please post them here!


Tutorials and Classes


Many of these are available in electronic formats pretty cheaply in various places. HumbleBundle has offered many of them in the past in e-book bundles; many of them I've seen come up multiple times, such as the Make books, so you might want to keep a look-out. I've had good luck finding many of the older books in libraries/via inter-library loan. And if you're lucky enough to be affiliated with a university, you may have luck finding some of them through your library's online subscriptions.

  • Wearable Tech Projects by Sophy Wong, 2019 (free download!)
  • Getting Started with Adafruit Circuit Playground Express by Mike Barela, 2018
  • Make It, Wear It: Wearable Electronics for Makers, Crafters, and Cosplayers by Sahrye Cohen and Hal Rodriguez, 2018
  • Make: Fabric and Fiber Inventions by Make: Fabric and Fiber Inventions, 2017 (only 1 chapter is on wearable electronics, but it has some neat ideas on materials, creating sensors, etc.; much of the info in that chapter came from this website, though the book formats and presents it nicely)
  • Practical Fashion Tech: Wearable Technologies for Costuming, Cosplay, and Everyday by Joan Horvath, Lyn Hoge, and Rich Cameron, 2016
  • Make: Getting Started with Adafruit FLORA by Becky Stern and Tyler Cooper, 2015
  • Arduino Wearable Projects by Tony Olsson, 2015
  • The Book of Cosplay Lights – Getting Started with LEDs by Svetlana Quindt, 2015 (no microcontroller)
  • Advanced Cosplay Lights – Animated LEDs by Svetlana Quindt (Arduino)
  • The New Shop Class: Getting Started with 3D Printing, Arduino, and Wearable Tech by Joan Horvath and Rich Cameron, 2015 (Arduino)
  • Make: Getting Started with Adafruit Trinket by Mike Barela, 2014
  • Make: Wearable Electronics by Kate Hartman, 2014 (LilyPad)
  • Sew Electric by Leah Buechley and Kanjun Qiu, 2014 (LilyPad)
  • Soft Circuits : Crafting e-Fashion with DIY Electronics by Kylie Peppler, Melissa Gresalfi, Katie Salen Tekinbas, and Rafi Santo, 2014
  • Arduino Wearables (Technology in Action) by Tony Olsson, 2012
  • Open Softwear by Tony Olsson, David Gaetano, Samson, Wiklund, Jonas Odhner, 2011 (Arduino, free download! Just click on the Open Softwear link in the first paragraph)
  • Fashioning Technology: A DIY Intro to Smart Crafting by Syuzi Pakhchyan, 2008


  • After soldering 9 LEDs with resistors in my last project, I see the wonderful benefit of buying pre-wired LEDs like these on Amazon: 120 LEDs in multiple colors for $12 pre-wired is a pretty good deal.

    I know soldering is a great skill to have, but if you want to have lots of LEDs in your project, there is no reason to solder everything yourself. :)

  • Those are very nice, great tip, thanks! I definitely agree with not wanting to have to solder everything... I'm getting better at it, but it's still really time-consuming. I suppose for people who really know what they're doing it's no big deal, but it takes me forever. So shortcuts are very welcome!

  • Here is a place I found that has all sorts of LEDs for sale, as well as instruction on how to wire, and what kind of drivers one might need for running many LEDs. I realize this is probably not for the "wearable" category, but it may be of some interest to people.

  • Thanks for sharing this, Catherine! Lots of their products and tutorials seem like they'd still apply to wearables. The diffusers they have look like they could do some cool stuff. I'll add them to the list!

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