Wearable Electronics
A space for folks to learn and explore wearable electronics together.


This site was created in the wake of Maker Media shutting down. I was in the middle of an online wearable electronics class being run by them when the shut-down happened. I am hoping to continue the conversations with other students here, and help anyone else looking for up-to-date wearable info. Much of the information online about wearables is out-of-date with many dead links or referencing products that are obsolete or no longer exist. Hopefully I can help remedy that, at least a little.



Tutorials and Classes


Many of these are available in electronic formats pretty cheaply in various places. HumbleBundle has offered many of them in the past in e-book bundles; many of them I've seen come up multiple times, such as the Make books, so you might want to keep a look-out. I've had good luck finding many of the older books in libraries/via inter-library loan. And if you're lucky enough to be affiliated with a university, you may have luck finding some of them through your library's online subscriptions. I've listed the books in reverse chronological order by publication date, so the most recent info comes first. The older books are still great resources, particularly for things like DIYing sensors, construction techniques, etc., but they won't be using the most recently developed boards.

Other Search Terms

In compiling this list I've done a lot of searching on Google, Amazon, and in library databases. The most commonly used term I've seen is definitely "wearable electronics", hence the name of the page. However, "e-textiles" or "e-sewing" also comes up occasionally, as does the term "soft circuits". If you're trying to find more information, I suggest trying variations of these search terms, as some results will be excluded if you only try one.